Songs Of The Water Spirits Soundtrack Editing


Visioni dal Mondo 2020, Special mention of the Official Jury
Terraviva Film Festival 2020, Best Film
Eho Mountain Film Festival 2021, Best Environmental Film
Arkhaios Film Festival 2021, Best Cultural Heritage Film
The Archaeology Channel International Film Festival 2022, Best Film, Best Music, Best Public Education Value, Honorable Mention for Narration, Honorable Mention for Cinematography, Honorable Mention for Inspiration

This one has been an exciting challenge for me under many aspects.
I had a huge amount of material, around 120 hours of footage that Nicolò had brought back from the remote Indian region of Ladakh after 4 years of travelling in the area. The contents were massive too, spanning from climate change to the loss of cultural identities, from the impacts of mass tourism to ethnic conflicts and political tensions. Then beyond editing, I also wrote the original score along with Matteo Milani. And last but not least, we did it in the middle of a global pandemic.
It was a tough ride but I was really involved, the crew was made of friends and I enjoyed every step of it.

Directed by:
Nicolò Bongiorno

Produced by:
Allegria Films

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