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Cover Matteo Milani
Walter Marocchi
Songs Of The Water Spirits 2020Buy Now!
Cover Carretera Sur Sendas De Libertad 2016
Cover Anacondia L'Orizzonte Degli Eventi 2015Buy Now!
Cover V.olks W.agen Modern Headphones 2013Buy Now!
Alisachni Walter Marocchi Mala Hierba Alisachni 2013Buy Now!
Cover Walter Marocchi Mala Hierba Impollinazioni 2009Buy Now!
Cover Art Of Logging Heavy Machinery 2008Buy Now!
Cover A Different Porosity Walls (EP) 2006
Cover Anacondia Due Mondi 2005
Cover Art of Logging The Bedroom Sessions 2003
Cover Walter Marocchi Demotivazione (demo) 1997

ELECTRIC GUITARS: Ibanez RG 550, Gibson ES 175, Gibson Les Paul Custom, Matsumoku Vantage VP 820, Cort "Persona" fretless.
ACOUSTIC GUITARS: Gibson Dove, Maton SRS70, Yamaha APX, Fender Resonator FR50.
AMPS AND EFFECTS: Fender Deluxe 112, JAM custom multi-pedal.